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I have made YoMama Bars and Crockpot Spaghetti. I have also cleaned my stove! Oh dear did it need it.

Here is a thing that I did and then forgot I did but now I can share. While preparing to write Exquisite S3 (which is on hold for a little while until I hit my other deadlines) I thought I'd re-read all of what I'd written so far. And I thought, as long as I'm doing that, why not ebook it? So I turned Exquisite S1 and S2 into one huge PDF, and also one huge .epub (thanks Lulu!) and one huge .mobi.

I don't own an e-reader, so I haven't thoroughly tested the .epub or .mobi yet. Anya, who graciously allowed me to include her short inspired-by-Exquisite story "Profile" in the book, helped me test the epub, but the mobi is both untested and made-by-Calibre, which effs up epubs something fierce. I have no idea if either of these are actually readable. So, if you download the epub or mobi, let me know how they work, as well as what kind of reader you are reading them on. If they don't work, I'll be reuploading functional files (hopefully) and you can check back here to find them.

Here are the download links. As the afterword to the file says, please feel free to share these files or send them around to friends or whatnot. My name and URL are on them, so they can go anywhere.

Download links:
Exquisite, the PDF
Exquisite, the EPUB
Exquisite, the MOBI

And of course the original fanfic is here if you prefer to read online. :D
LOL, yeah, Calibre is quirky all right.

I included a couple of pieces, but I decided against stuff like the recipe for souffle and the handcuff cookies :D


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