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Good morning everyone, and welcome to Radio Free Monday! LET'S DO SOME DO-GOODIN'.

Ways To Give:

bluejeans07 linked me to Pocket Con, a mini-comic-con that an acquaintance of hers from C2E2, Kendra Mealy, is putting together for Chicago south side teens. The con will take place this July, and you can get more information by emailing Kendra at kmealy at

Anon linked me to the website for Suzanne Chesebro and her daughter Katie, who are in a competition to win Katie, who has Cerebral Palsy, a new custom wheelchair-accessible van. You can vote here to help them out!

The internet has been abuzz this week over the iPod project, which intends to provide iPods and noise-cancelling headphones to women receiving abortions in Texas, where they're forced to sit through a state-mandated speech about the risks of abortion. I've had multiple links from a lot of people, but I think the most helpful are this post (thanks shwoop!) about the speech and fundraising drive, and this one (thanks taerowyn!) which has a FAQ about how you can help.

rosepetal9 links to a kickstarter campaign for Gutenberg! The Musical! by a Northern California theatre company, Breaking Fourth Productions.

[personal profile] coriana links to the indiegogo for The Occupy Circus and Film Festival, a group of Occupy activists who are raising money for a multi-city tour with their Occupy-oriented entertainment.

off_coloratura is halfway to being funded for her first solo album, which will be arrangements of songs by Ricky Ian Gordon, so I'm reposting! All the details are available at her post and on her indiegogo site, where she's trying to raise $5k for the cost of recording and production. The campaign ends May 7th!

Buy Stuff, Help Out:

moyakite has a friend who is trying to keep up with the bills after losing her job, and is taking commissions at her Devart account in order to help keep herself fed and housed. Her tumblr with more of her art is here.

[personal profile] localfreak links to a friend who can't work full time, but makes bespoke jewellery with a fannish and steampunk bent. You can find her on Folksy and Facebook.

News To Know:

One of our very on cafe folk, LT, has published her first novel! Timshel, published through Etopia Press, is available as an eBook though Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and other retailers.

soul_cake_duck links to a post about US internet providers policing downloads according to a new law. You guys, I have legit not had time to research this one, so take with a grain of salt. It's very complex, so if anyone has a layman's roundup it'd be appreciated.

Fans Helping Fans:

ozisim sent me this ages ago and it slipped through the cracks -- she and her husband were robbed in the early morning hours in a pretty traumatic home invasion. She's trying to "restore their bubble" and is looking for gamer geeks who might be able to help her replace some of her Rockband equipment.

kannnichtfranz left a comment looking for information on wheelchair ramps and second-hand motorized wheelchairs in the St. Louis area.

Fans Helping Pets:

snufflesdbear has a post up about Toby, a Great Pyrnees who needs a forever home.

venturous1 left a comment about Caspar, a dog who needs a forever home.

Just For Fun:

sophie_spence linked to Bloom, an art installation of twenty-eight thousand potted flowers at the Massachusetts Mental Health Center. I swore I linked this but apparently not; anyway, enjoy twice if I did.

terrie01 links to a long lost medieval cookbook, recently found by the British Library, that includes a recipe for unicorn. (ETA: It's an april fool's joke. British Library: officially douchebags who did April Fools wrong.)

[personal profile] dytabytes links to The Call Of Cthulu, Seuss style. AWESOME.


I have a few requests to make -- I'm always tweaking how I do Radio Free Monday, and as it's generally grown in size I need to ask a few favours. These were not inspired by any one person or any of the stuff I'm linking this week; they're the result of some accumulation over a while. :)

First, if you do pass on a link, please make sure either your name, your online handle, or a preference to remain anonymous comes with it. A little blurb about context helps too -- once in a while I just get nothing but a link, and that makes my job harder.

Also, please think carefully before you link to concerns that are very local -- I think people vastly overestimate my powers of assistance, and the success rate for things like animals needing adoption or issues that require physical presence in small towns or rural areas is very, very low. I will link them if they're passed on, but please consider that for some things, linking here may not be the best use of your time or mine.

On the other hand, if a local problem is solved through a hookup made on the Cafe, let me know! It helps me gauge the usefulness of such things. :)

And this has been Radio Free Monday! Thank you for your time. You can always post items for my attention in comments here (or on any post) or email me at copperbadge at gmail dot com. If you're not sure how to proceed, here is a little more about what I do and how you can help (or ask for help!). Remember, brevity is the soul of RFM.
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