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I have spent all morning handling the kind of horrible tiny details that are at once both seemingly insignificant, hugely time-consuming, and vital to the continued wellbeing of my ducklings. Also I had to go to the Administrative Professionals' Day breakfast, which was nice enough, but I'm glad I didn't have to stay for STRENGTHFINDER! training. I have found my strengths. I don't think they want to hear about my amazing ability to write porn about people from the TV.

But because of all that, and because of the luncheon I'm catering (well, I say I'm catering it, truth is a local Mexican place is catering it, I'm just the Mexican Liaison) and because of the research work I got assigned this morning, I have not had a chance to even look at the last Dead Isle chapter or post the new one. I will do that this evening.

While I was writing that last sentence, three people came to talk to me about papercut issues. Not actual papercuts, metaphorical papercuts, but you get my meaning. I am metaphorically kick-flipping all the hell over the office solving crimes and taking names. (And office supply orders. And food orders for next week's lunch.)
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That's what work was like two weeks ago for me. It started out with "Can you help us get this document ready to send off to the government?" and then it turned into a week solid of working late fixing a thousand minor mistakes and trying to get 11 people to agree long enough to sign off on the stupid thing.

I kind of want to go back to that. I'm starting a new project this week, in an out-of-state office, and every time I tell someone what I'm working on, they wince and apologize. And the project manager is retiring at the end of May, leaving me as the only person dedicated to the (over budget, behind schedule) project.

This is going to be a fantastic nine (or more) months.


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