Nobody said it was easy (copperbadge) wrote,
Nobody said it was easy

So I was watching a documentary about the assassination of President McKinley this evening. The BBC is doing this series on Famous Assassinations, I don't know why, but they're actually pretty interesting.

Anyway, McKinley was shot by an anarchist at some major World's Fair style exhibition or other in Buffalo, New York. But they got him to the medic's station at the fair and they got at least one bullet out, and he seemed to be doing okay.

At which point his vice-president, Theodore Roosevelt, says to himself, "He's looking okay. I think I'll fuck off to do a walking tour of the Adirondacks."

Like you do.

So in the three days he was in the damn mountains, SPOILER, McKinley gets gangrene and dies. And nobody knows how to find Roosevelt, this being pre-cellphone and pre-helicopter and in general pre-everything. Basically the president died and then they lost the President 2.0.

And Roosevelt on the second or third day comes walking out of the ADIRONIDACKS and they're all, HEY TEDDY. GUESS WHAT. While you were in the woods, you became president.

Good job, dude.
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