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Car accident! \o/


We got into a car accident yesterday. Nothing serious, just a fender-bender; Mum and the other guy exchanged insurance (while I stood over them, menacing him subtly) and went on their way. Mind you, it didn't ruin our day, but it always puts you in a bit of shock for the remainder of the day, and I'm a little stiff today.

Proof that it didn't ruin our day is that afterward we ended up at Beluga, a local Austin sushi place, where we had bento lunch boxes. Mum is FASCINATED by the restaurant-style bento, which is a sectioned-off tray with different stuff in each section. She wants a bunch, I think in part beacuse she has a few "tv trays" that are similar, but she's worried they're full of parabens and other horrible toxic things since she's had them for forty years. She's probably right...

Anyway, if you're in Round Rock or north Austin, Beluga is a fantastic place to get lunch and the sushi looks excellent -- I only had the california roll but I don't usually like california roll and this was a really good one. Having eaten my own and sampled from my mother's and sister's, I can say that the shrimp tempura, spicy pork, and marinated beef are all good.

Today we're doing food trucks, I think, and then going to the comic book store to inquire about trading cards. I've been looking through the MASSIVE binders of Marvel comic book trading cards that mum found, trying to work out if any of them are worth anything. I think there are a few, though I'm not sure just how many. Mum seems to think we can get them appraised at the comic book store; I'm not sure she understands how these things work, but hey, free trip to a comic book store, I'm not going to complain. (If anyone knows a good way to get a look at a price guide, btw, Beckett is giving me nothing but grief).

Mum is now researching the food trucks we're going to be hitting up. In great detail. Aloud. It would be funny if I couldn't tell that Emmy is, as I was when I was seventeen, TWO INCHES FROM MURDERING HER.

Okay actually it's super-funny anyway, possibly because I know she's so close to homicide.
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