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Nobody said it was easy

Can you tell I've been swapping between books lately?

I just finished reading Snuff, Terry Pratchett's latest Watch novel. It's a Vimes story, very much a Vimes story, and Vimes gets to be a super-special snowflake in it, and I DO NOT CARE because I love Sam Vimes and think he should always be super-special and also Young Sam is adorable.

Snuff by Terry PratchettCollapse )

Final Verdict: I can never be objective about the Discworld novels because I love Pterry too much, but there are some that are better than others. This one may have had some flaws but I enjoyed it thoroughly nonetheless.

Whenever I post about Discworld I always get at least one question about how to read them, so here's a pre-emptive link. If you don't know where to start, or if you started with The Colour Of Magic and couldn't go on (I wouldn't blame you; Colour of Magic and Light Fantastic are probably his worst books, and I don't even like them) here is a slightly-out-of-date but nonetheless useful Guide for Reading Discworld.
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