Nobody said it was easy (copperbadge) wrote,
Nobody said it was easy

Before I forget -- thank you to those of you who sent me New Year's gingerbread men on LJ over the vacation! They are jauntily decorating my profile page.

I'm glad to be home, especially since I had the day off yesterday. Good thing too, travel is exhausting. The plane flight from Austin to Chicago was one of the stranger ones I've had in a while. Nice, but strange.

I attract strange airline companions. Among my encounters have been a one-eyed woman telling me dirty jokes during takeoff, an elderly man telling me I reminded him of himself as "a young buck", a different elderly man accidentally but continually groping me because he kept crackers in his pocket and had issues locating his pocket, a Canadian baseball talent scout who is the first Canadian I had ever met to actually say "eh" as often as Statesiders joke they do, and now a woman flying for the first time at the age of 36 and who clearly had not known what she was letting herself in for.

The best part of this particular flight, however, was the flight attendant. I always sit at the front, on Southwest flights, because I have a lot of leg and there's more leg room. It also means I usually end up spending at least a portion of the flight chatting with the flight attendants. So I'd been joking a bit with the guy manning the front of the cabin, and when we reached altitude, a lot of people took out their phones/tablets/laptops. My phone and netbook were both tucked in the overhead compartment where I couldn't easily get to them, so I was mostly just staring out the window when the flight attendant said, "Being an air steward today is like watching a science fiction film 30 years ago."

"Oh?" I asked.

"Yeah. I look up when we reach altitude, and everyone is staring at tiny electronic devices. It's not bad or anything, it's just like a scene out of 2001 or something. It's even creepier on flights with wifi."

I have to admit I ended up not getting my netbook out for the rest of the flight...
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