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Sorry about the flood of posts, guys, I just found out Dreamwidth isn't properly crossposting to LJ. Something to do with the client I'm using, I think. I'll get it sorted, but for now enjoy this post that you may have missed! :D

I almost forgot to do my 2012 fanfic recap!

The fanfic what I wrote last year.Collapse )

Inspired Works:

Podfics: This year there were lovely podfics made of Extremely Hot and Currently Female, Epilogue, and Ironsides.

A Partial Dictionary of the 21st Century had three separate filks inspired by it.

Handler was translated into Russian and Chinese.


Longest Fic: Victory Bonds, 39,000 words (of pure unadulterated vintage postwar noir.)
Shortest Fic: Handler, 556 words (with Ianto!)

Total Wordcount: About 223,500 words. Down from some years but up from last year, which is heartening. Checking last year's post, it's interesting that I almost always come up with forty thousand words in my "unfinished works" file, too.

I was going to talk about my favourite fic but it was too hard to choose; after all, I write what I love, so they're all my little bb fanfictions. But I think without a doubt the most popular fic I wrote this year was Ironsides, my AU genderflipped Tony Stark story about being a genius, billionaire, society queen, philanthropist, and superhero whilst female. I think its only real competition is Homefront, where Tony is a semi-involuntary support structure for Steve's grieving process. I think it struck a chord with a lot of people because of the subject matter.

In all, a productive year, I think. Perhaps I could hope for a bit more diversity of subject in the coming year, but I've learned that I do better when I don't put quite so many reins on my creative impulse. I guess we'll see in another three hundred and sixty-two days...
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