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Reccs time!

Though I have a link of my own first -- I posted The Seduction Of The Fearful over on my wordpress this morning, a short article about understanding censorship and standing against it.

White collar fanfic!

Copycat by iamshadow. An alternate take on White Collar, where Neal is a young autistic savant and Peter has to figure out what the hell to do with a kid who does what Neal does but can't do what Neal can't do. PG, Gen.


Not A Wonderful Life by Alexandraplatz. Batman needs to talk to Santa. No, really, he needs to talk to Santa. Hilarious while still remaining in-character, particularly for Damian. G, Gen.


We Are Just Two Atheists In Love by ladylikepunk. The premise of this fanfic absolutely should not work and it's a mark of how good it is that it does. Essentially, Clint...sees something he shouldn't, and realizes he's in trouble. Explicit, Clint/Coulson.

If It Suits by tawg. Clint's been ordered to do a magazine interview and photo shoot, and he's not happy about it. This is a fic I wanted and it's gloriously well-done and I'm so glad I didn't have to write it. Teen and Up, Clint/Coulson.

Suits by thepretender501. My entire summation of this fic is the opening two sentences: "Steve’s got a crush on Iron Man. It’s adorable really." Because IT IS. Teen and Up, Steve/Tony with a side of Bruce/Natasha.

Strobelight Serenade by panicandstartariot. I got linked to this on Tumblr when I may have posted an image of what appeared to be Iron Man doing the Macarena. Which is basically what this fic is about except it's so much better than that. I WAS SKEPTICAL TOO. READ IT. Read it for Thor telling teenagers to leave room for Jesus. General Audiences, Steve/Tony.

Shan't Be Coming Home by Kali Cephirot. I am so, so ashamed of the fact that I ship Clint and Kate but at the same time I don't care because it's AWESOME and so is this fic about how Kate blew off Teddy and Billy to get hers with Clint Barton. General Audiences, Teddy/Billy, Clint/Kate.
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