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I had SUPER WEIRD dreams last night. In one of them

I had SUPER WEIRD dreams last night. In one of them I’d found a Secret Condo in the building I now live in, which had not just two bedrooms and a nice big kitchen but windows that looked out on the giraffe enclosure of a zoo. (Note: there is no zoo located in the immediate vicinity of my current home.) The problem was I couldn’t figure out how to contact the person selling it to make an offer. 

This is attached to a real life problem I am having which is how do I go look at condos when my realtor is in the hospital and how do I ask my agency this without sounding like a douchebag? I’m really worried about her but I am also really worried about buying a home.

In the other, I got to watch an extended trailer for a movie I’d written about a guy who has a three-month break between jobs, so he decides to take a culinary “boot camp” (they do offer a “bread boot camp” at the Chicago French Pastry School and I’ve wanted to take it, but it costs thousands of dollars and takes eight weeks). He’s embarrassed that he’s not a professional chef, so when everyone asks him where he works he invents a restaurant, and the restaurant is so secret and develops so much buzz that he has to actually set it up and invite everyone to have a meal there. 

I think it’s a pretty good pitch, I might give a shot at writing it. Maybe he lives in a nice condo overlooking the Lincoln Park Zoo. 

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