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Surprise R

My buddy R is in town, which surprised me and I think maybe surprised him too; I was expecting him later in the month. Still, I have a very mellow social life so I was able to get out to see him, and we had dinner at a little Mexican place in our old neighborhood. He was telling me about this woman he’s dating.

For context: R is involved in helping California, which has just legalized some forms of marijuana (I don’t know the specifics) set up weed farms. His personal and professional life is heavily involved in many varieties of weed. 

R: Yeah, she’s cool, she’s like a break from all the work I do, because she’s not involved in that field at all.

Me: What does she do?

R: She’s an officer in the Navy. I don’t know what she does specifically.

Me: *choking on a chip* Does she know what you do?

R: What do you mean?

Me: Specifically what you do, does she know? I mean I know it’s legal, but.

R: She knows I’m working in agriculture.

Me: You should have that conversation.

R: Yeah, we…we probably should. 

It’s nice that no matter how far away he lives or how much he matures, it is apparent he will always need me for relationship advice. 

Then we got distracted because R’s friend Greg showed up and wanted to have a serious discussion with us about the fluoride in our drinking water and how it’s impairing cognitive function. 

I do miss R when he’s not around. He brings the circus with him.

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