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Copperbadge Archival Project

It occurred to me while blocking someone the other day that the block and “delete journal” functions are VERY CLOSE TOGETHER on Tumblr, and it would be easy for this journal to vanish, and unlike LJ, google doesn’t quite cache a lot of tumblr in the same way. And I’m always telling people to back up their shit, so I’m going to Evernote a bunch of my information/explanation posts.

If there is a NON-FANFIC post that you find useful or particularly love or have bookmarked, either here, on DW, or on LJ, which is not in the linkslist on my sidebar, drop it in comments and I’ll evaluate it for archiving. This is mostly just a favor to me – the archive won’t be public unless you guys really want like a “best of” ebook or something – but it’s helpful to know what people use that I might not have linked. 

(DW/LJ users can find the linkslist here: )

Thanks everyone! 

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