Pulling The Puzzles Apart

I was just guessing at numbers and figures
Pulling the puzzles apart
Questions of science, science and progress
Do not speak as loud as my heart...
Thu, Sep 15th, 2016 -- 02:56 pm
Today's Specials:I made the best car at the Test Track design studio.

I made the best car at the Test Track design studio.

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Thu, Sep 15th, 2016 -- 01:57 pm
Today's Specials:The Banishment Of Evil at the Magic Kingdom: Bears

I am having an awesome time at Disney – we did Epcot on Tuesday, including Spaceship Earth, Ellen’s Energy Adventure (I wonder if Bill Nye feels bad about or if he was just like BILL NYE GOTTA GET PAID YO, SCIENCE AIN’T CHEAP) and like at least three times on Mission To Mars or whatever it’s called where simulated G-forces make you feel like your ribcage is eating your internal organs. Also we went on the new Frozen ride, which is spectacular but also very, very short. You do go down a waterfall backwards in a simulacrum of a viking longboat, however.

Yesterday we went to Magic Kingdom where I made everyone go on the Haunted Mansion twice in a row because it’s my favorite ride maybe in the history of ever, and we went on the Mine Train and the big log flume ride, but kids.



We as a culture – nay, we as a species – need to talk about the Country Bear Jamboree.

I have developed a theory about the Country Bear Jamboree. My theory about the Country Bear Jamboree is that it is both a necessary and a terrifying exorcism ritual which protects the Magic Kingdom, and perhaps all of humanity, from suffering the wrath of dark, dire forces.

Stay with me. Country Bear Jamboree bills itself as an animatronic concert filled with bears who sing and dance and play various down-country style instruments. Grand Ole Opry with animatronic bears. That’s not the mystical part.

At one point, about two thirds of the way into the performance, a soloist bear on a guitar comes out and sings a forgettable country song about something, but right at the end, after he’s taken his “bow”, you hear sudden drumbeats, and green light begins to flash rhythmically behind him. There are no other drums in any of the performances. The bear begins to sway to the drumbeats, and then the curtain falls quickly.

It’s very weird.

But then another bear appears, with a very out of tune blues guitar, and he sings a song. It’s a song that may actually exist in folk music canon; I’m pretty sure I’ve heard it before and may have sung it at some folkie get together or other. The song is about how there was blood in the water, blood in the sand, blood all around, blood on the ground. I think it’s about an old-timey murder. 

It’s just one chorus or verse. But it’s very unsettling. There is nervous tittering from the audience, including me. Between the drumbeats and the song about OH MY GOD SO MUCH BLOOD, my ears were pricking a little and my what the hell alarm was going off.

Then the concert just…continues.

UNTIL, at one point, SERIAL KILLER BLUES BEAR comes back to SING THE BLOOD SONG AGAIN and literally every other bear in the performance appears out of whatever animatronic locker they keep them in, and all the bears all sing their individual songs to drown him out in a cacophony of country crooning.

And that’s the grand finale!

We walked out of the Country Bear Jamboree wide-eyed, and I immediately turned to my companions and went, “The fuck was that?” Only it was Disney so in concern for The Children I said “The heck was that?”

But I’ve worked it out.

Everyone who works at Disney is super cheerful and I think the vast majority of them actually mean it, which is a little bewildering to me. People clearly don’t HAVE to wish me happy birthday when they see my IT’S MY BIRTHDAY button, but they do. And so many of them, at eleven at night, seemed joyous to stand on the sidewalk and wave us goodbye as we left. People seem to love to work at Disney and while I don’t think that in itself is weird, the level of good cheer in what must be a very frustrating customer service job is startling. I commend them for it, I’m just confused by it.

So I have a theory. And my theory is this: Country Bear Jamboree is a swirling vortex of evil. The extra darkness, the crankiness, the ill-humor that normally one would develop working at Disney, and indeed perhaps some of the exhausted ire and weariness that people might develop just attending the Disney parks (Meltdown Hour is apparently around 6:30 for toddlers) is sucked down into Frontierland. It seeps through the dusty streets of a fake frontier America, and it enters the Country Bear Jamboree. It is absorbed into this one, brave, robot bear, who takes the evil into himself and sings his mournful song. And then, with drumbeats and singing, the evil is drowned out by the other bears, banished to some ether, an other-world whose only glimpse into ours is through the parks of the Wizard, Disney, whose fierce hairy country-folk guardians forever keep it locked away.

Woe betide us should the Country Bear Jamboree ever leave the Magic Kingdom. Misfortune unto us should the bears fall silent. The bears must sing, or God or Disney must have mercy on our souls.

What did you uncover in the swamplands, Walt?

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Thu, Sep 15th, 2016 -- 02:36 am
Today's Specials:Action fireworks, photographed from Tomorrowland!

Action fireworks, photographed from Tomorrowland!

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Mon, Sep 12th, 2016 -- 10:34 am
Today's Specials:So, the prevailing wisdom in running (for what

So, the prevailing wisdom in running (for what that’s worth) is that if you’re sick, running will not make you sicker, and may actually help, so you should feel free to run anyway if you want to. I haven’t run since last Monday because, prevailing wisdom notwithstanding, I was concerned more about my sickness causing me to collapse while running, which is not a great thing to have happen on the street or on a treadmill. But I woke up early this morning and figured I might as well give it a shot, since I’m trying to get back into the groove of running and work today before vacation tomorrow. 

I was appalled at how fast I faded once I was running – I was glad I could identify and respect my limits but my limits were pretty low, and I didn’t like how fast I turned around and came home. When I took my phone out to end my session I was pretty shocked by how far I’d gone, since it certainly didn’t feel like a mile and a half. Running three and a half to four miles in a standard morning sort of diminishes your sense of scale. 1.62 is more than I could do on a treadmill a year ago and it’s further than a lot of people will do in the course of a regular run. The fact that I walked almost half of it is okay, I’ve done worse than a 12:40 pace. 

I am a little worried about pneumonia; my throat and lungs hurt a lot. But I’m no longer as congested and I’m not feverish, so as long as I remember to breathe deeply I think I’ll be okay.

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Mon, Sep 12th, 2016 -- 07:53 am
Today's Specials:

Good morning everyone, and welcome to Radio Free Monday!

Ways to Give:

[tumblr.com profile] babyhawk83 linked to a fundraiser for Jennifer, who has been living in a motel for several years due to prejudice against pit bulls which keeps them from renting. They've been told they need to leave by October, and are trying to raise money to get into an actual house. You can read more and support their move here.

tabaqui linked to a fundraiser for Ian, a friend of her daughter's who has just started testosterone treatments for his transition and is raising money for top surgery. You can read more and support Ian's transition here.

[personal profile] brainwane linked to a fundraiser for open source technologists Audrey Eschright and Thursday Bram, who are kickstarting the Responsible Communication Style Gyide project for the magazine The Recompiler. The stylebook focuses on how to write about identity, including race, gender, sexuality, religion, and health and well-being. You can read more and support the style guide here.

ribby linked to a fundraiser for Alma Alexander, who is writing a novel based on a popular tumblr post circulating about two witches sharing joint custody of a firstborn they both claimed -- it's a funny post and deserves to be a full story. You can read about the post, read an excerpt from the novel, and support the writing here.

[personal profile] yohjideranged linked to a fundraiser to help pay off the vet bill for their cat Hermen, who recently died. They have other pets that need occasional care so they want to make sure they stay current on the bills, but it's hard with one person out of work and the other working two jobs to make ends meet. You can read more about Hermen and help them pay off the bill here.

[tumblr.com profile] rilee16 is still struggling to cover medical expenses after two head injuries last year, and hasn't been cleared to return to work, thus can't earn money to cover basic living costs, let alone the bills they've received. You can read more and help out here.

editrx has been struggling to keep her indy bookstore afloat for this past year, and on top of her troubles there, she's now been the subject of a violent assault by her housemate. She's dealing with mounting medical bills and trauma from the assault and needs a lawyer to ensure her attacker is charged properly and convicted. You can read more and give here, or support Starcat Books by purchasing here.

And this has been Radio Free Monday! Thank you for your time. You can post items for my attention at the Radio Free Monday submissions form or via email at copperbadge at gmail dot com. If you're not sure how to proceed, here is a little more about what I do and how you can help (or ask for help!). If you're new to fundraising, you may want to check out my guide to fundraising here.

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Sat, Sep 10th, 2016 -- 11:59 pm
Today's Specials:Sam Starbuck, Private Eye

A couple of months back, a young woman rear-ended my Mum, which was not a serious incident but did damage Mum’s car, and of course these things are always a bit traumatic. The woman gave Mum her phone number but refused to give her any insurance information, suggesting that Mum just send her the bill for the repairs. 

Which is bunk, you guys, and in some places illegal, so never fall for this. Even Mum knew better than to fall for it, but she was shaken and worried so she didn’t push the issue, just got the woman’s name and phone number. 

When she got home she reported it to her insurance, who tried to contact the young woman, and she (expectedly) did not answer her phone or return any calls. So Mum sent the name and phone number and asked me if I could locate an address for her. Interestingly, this girl is an adult, but young enough that she has never owned or rented property, so it turned out to be easier to (insert long paper trail here but eventually) find her Facebook, and then link from there to her parents’ Facebook, and locate their address. Which I may say I didn’t even need my work resources to do, like, it was all public record. 

I sent Mum what I could find, which was the Facebook pages, the home address, and a (very dubious) phone number for her parents that I did tap a work database to find. That was like a month ago, and I never heard any more about it once the car was fixed, so I forgot all about it. 

Until today, when Mum texted me to let me know that the insurance agent, using the information I sent, contacted her parents. Turns out her parents own the car and hold the insurance, and they handed over the information promptly. Today a large check arrived from their insurance to cover Mum’s car repairs and medical bills (she needed a little PT, nothing serious). 

Intrigued, I checked on the young woman’s Facebook page, which has been totally locked down, and her parents’ Facebook page, where they are very unhappy with certain children of theirs who they raised better than this. 

I feel a little bad. She’s a kid and kids make mistakes. But she’s a kid who tried to fuck with my mother, so my sympathy is limited, and the Facebook post about their parental disappointment was a balm to my soul. 

Also Mum says she’s sending me a ten percent commission, which will be nice.

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Thu, Sep 8th, 2016 -- 05:26 pm
Today's Specials:Welp

I was prepared not to take that job interview too seriously because I like where I work and I have yet to find somewhere that pays better. Turns out this job would come with an automatic $7K+ pay raise, which for me is Significant Money, and they named the amount right up front, like BAM, here is our respect for you, let’s not waste anyone’s time. 

SO I guess if I make it past the next interview stage I’m booking myself a trip out to the east coast. 

Everything continues to happen all at once, updates as events warrant. 

I’m still running a fever so I’m gonna like…blow my nose and lie down and listen to podcasts for a while. 

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Thu, Sep 8th, 2016 -- 01:57 am
Today's Specials:So to recap today:

Woke up just barely too sick to run

Scheduled job interview with prestigious east coast institution tomorrow

Best friend in Chicago is moving out of state tomorrow

Almost got called to be a bone marrow donor (false alarm)

Currently running a fever of 100.1

More has happened to me today than usually happens to me in a month. It’s not even all bad or all good, I’m not sure how to process any of it, it just all happened at once and will continue to happen for like, another fifteen hours.

All I need now is for the condo I want to drop its price by twenty grand tomorrow. Go on, universe, you know I can take it. BRING IT. 

(Famous last words.)

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Thu, Sep 8th, 2016 -- 12:27 am
Today's Specials:So those of you who have read me for a long time know well of R, my former roommate and close...

So those of you who have read me for a long time know well of R, my former roommate and close friend, my closest friend in Chicago, the epic bluesman.

News of R: he’s moving to California!

Mum is aghast, as there’s not a huge blues scene in California, and she thinks there’s a girl involved; there may be one tangentially involved (his super-abusive ex who he had to get a court action against) but I think really he’s just burned out on his current job and looking for something where he can be his own boss.

I can’t talk a lot about WHY he’s moving to California, but if the business he’s going into takes off, it’ll be good for him. At any rate the reward will be commensurate with the current risk of investing in it, and if he fails, well, R always manages to find a place to land safely. And it’s legal, which is more than can be said for some of his previous employment.

I’ll miss him, of course, but we’ve always been what he calls “ideas friends” – we chatter back and forth via text and rarely see each other in person.
But it definitely is a change, and I’m still working out how to process it.

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Tue, Sep 6th, 2016 -- 06:37 pm
Today's Specials:Runburgers

I had so much fun buying my breakfast hamburger yesterday morning – I mean it was a good hamburger too, but the fun was in the buying – that I’ve spent probably more time than I should have today, looking for other 24-hour food stands in Chicago.

There aren’t many, or rather there aren’t many I could easily run to; ruling out Dunkin Donuts, sit-down diners, and the one 24-hour Au Bon Pain (which is in a hospital, meaning getting to it from outside at 4am is a questionable endeavor) I’ve identified the following:

Jim’s Original (been there)

Express Grill (basically been there)

White Palace Grill

Steak'N’Egger (This looks like an excellent place to be murdered by a demon in a Supernatural episode)

Americana Submarine

The Sole 24-Hour Subway Sandwich In Chicago

Lawrence’s Fish & Shrimp

I’ve decided the next Breakfast Run I do will be to Lawrence’s Fish & Shrimp. After that I’ll try Subway, because despite not actually liking Subway sandwiches, the fact that there’s a 24-hour Subway intrigues me. Especially the fact that it’s in Streeterville, which is this weird borderland between fantastical wealth and kitschy tourism. Who is in a Streeterville Subway at four in the morning? I will find out.

So much dubious food, so little time…

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Tue, Sep 6th, 2016 -- 01:47 pm
Today's Specials:I call it “goldfish with an aspect ratio

I call it “goldfish with an aspect ratio issue”.

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Mon, Sep 5th, 2016 -- 07:08 pm


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Mon, Sep 5th, 2016 -- 11:57 am
Today's Specials:I got up this morning feeling groggy; I hadn’t

I got up this morning feeling groggy; I hadn’t slept well, my head hurt, my knee was complaining, and it’s LABOR DAY and I didn’t want to run. But I knew running would help with the headache (it did) and that it would be a good morning for it.  

So I bribed myself with a BREAKFAST HAMBURGER. I slithered out of bed and I put on my goddamn running pants and I ran the French Fry Invitational. 

The French Fry Invitational follows Roosevelt west from State to Halsted, looping through the UIC campus and passing not one, not two, but THREE 24-hour diners: the White Palace Grill, the Express Grill, and Jim’s Original*. I stopped my workout tracker at Jim’s, bought a burger with grilled onions and a bag of fries for $3.50, stuffed them into the cargo pocket of my hydration pack, and then started the tracker again and ran home, for a total of 2.96 miles.

Breakfast hamburgers are the best hamburgers.

Tracking: since June 15th, I have run 103.4 miles. (Averaging about 8 ½ miles a week.) 

* The Express and Jim’s are literally next door to one another, and the Express was founded by a nephew of Jim’s who was employed at Jim’s Original but wanted to run his own stand. Jim’s generally gets better reviews but I went there purely because someone was at the window when I arrived. 

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Mon, Sep 5th, 2016 -- 07:45 am
Today's Specials:

Good morning everyone, and welcome to Radio Free Monday!

If you're in the US, happy Labor Day! Take a minute today to remember those who protested and sacrificed for child labor laws, the right to unionize, the five day work week, and the eight hour work day. We still have a long way to go, even with these things, but today honors the progress we've made.

Ways to Give:

[tumblr.com profile] bifrostedcharms linked to a fundraiser for a friend's mother, Lori, who is undergoing chemo for stage 4 cancer and is unable to work; they're trying to keep the bills paid while she finishes treatment. You can read more and donate here.

[tumblr.com profile] emyrldlady linked to a fundraiser for her friend MaryBeth, who is about to be evicted and has no place for herself and her cats to go. She's in PA now and is ideally hoping to relocate back to New Jersey, but is also in need of financial aid to get back on her feet. You can read more and help out here.

[tumblr.com profile] not_the_cavalry's elderly father was scammed out of his mortgage payment recently; she is raising $800 to try and make the payment. You can read more and help out here.

[tumblr.com profile] songspinner9 is mentoring a new teacher and they are fundraising to get graphic novels and other books for their 7th grade class. Many of their kids are reluctant readers, and graphic novels and books that accurately represent their communities are a big part of making reading a positive experience. You can read more and help them get their books here.

[tumblr.com profile] rilee16 is still struggling to cover medical expenses after two head injuries last year, and hasn't been cleared to return to work, thus can't earn money to cover basic living costs, let alone the bills they've received. You can read more and help out here.

editrx has been struggling to keep her indy bookstore afloat, and is dealing with mounting medical and legal bills from an assault. You can read more and give here, or support Starcat Books by purchasing here.

And this has been Radio Free Monday! Thank you for your time. You can post items for my attention at the Radio Free Monday submissions form or via email at copperbadge at gmail dot com. If you're not sure how to proceed, here is a little more about what I do and how you can help (or ask for help!). If you're new to fundraising, you may want to check out my guide to fundraising here.

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Sun, Sep 4th, 2016 -- 12:32 pm
Today's Specials:This is Mister Rabbit, from my new Fun With Origami book, but I...

This is Mister Rabbit, from my new Fun With Origami book, but I call it the MAGIC RABBIT. 

None of the steps are particularly difficult, though some could be clearer in the text; it’s just you can’t really see WHY you’re doing most of them, you do all these folds that don’t seem to be coming together, and then in the second to last step (step 15), where you fold the entire thing in half, all of a sudden the rabbit APPEARS. It’s really delightful. And the rabbit comes out nicely three-dimensional, too. 

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Sat, Sep 3rd, 2016 -- 11:47 am
Today's Specials:Run accomplished! I did Unabridged again and the map makes me...

Run accomplished! I did Unabridged again and the map makes me look like I can’t see straight, so I thought I’d share my splits instead. For me that nine and a half minute mile is OUTSTANDING in any case.

So I’m hanging out in a suspiciously empty park at this point, waiting to see if the Saturday Morning Tai Chi actually happens. If not, well, it’s a nice morning out…

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Wed, Aug 31st, 2016 -- 05:49 pm
Today's Specials:Well, I didn’t get the condo, through a combin

Well, I didn’t get the condo, through a combination of rejected offer and bank fail (apparently the monthly payment would be like $70 too much) so that’s a shame, but on the other hand yesterday I found myself thinking “Ooh this was a mistake” so we’ll see.

THEN THINGS GOT INTERESTING, because the unit directly below the one I looked at, which is identical except for having an oven that wasn’t made before the Vietnam War, just went on sale for a similar, slightly higher price.

So potentially, given two of them are on the market at once, one might stall out and then they might lower the price and then they might accept my $100-less-a-month-which-works-out-to-$20K-less-total offer.

It’s all very mysterious and exciting. My realtor is probably so fed up with me. :D

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Wed, Aug 31st, 2016 -- 12:34 pm
Today's Specials:It’s an elegant little vase, but it opens with a

It’s an elegant little vase, but it opens with a LOT of imprecision, so mine is a little wobbly on bottom. :D

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Wed, Aug 31st, 2016 -- 10:29 am
Today's Specials:My poor Charge HR I got from @digitaldiscipline gave up the...

My poor Charge HR I got from @digitaldiscipline gave up the ghost last night – I think actually it suffered from the same fate as my Charge, where the plastic housing on the device had a crack in it and moisture got in and messed with the battery. But I did get two good weeks’ use out of it, which was a nice evaluation period. 

The Charge and the Alta have their pros and cons, and on balance I think I’d prefer to have the Charge for convenience (the little push button on the side is so useful for starting a workout timer), but the Alta’s not intolerable. And it does mean I use the FitBit app’s mapping function, which is more accurate in tracking my mileage, and I get a nice chart of where I’ve been. This is the “Lapin the Lions” route, named by @missbuster after I mentioned I always see bunnies when I run it (and I did this morning). (The lions come in because I run a lap around the Art Institute, which is fronted by two huge lion sculptures.) 

I’ve been running without my hydration pack, because I don’t really need a shitload of hydration on a 5K and I know that I can run with it. I bought an armband for my phone and I reconfigured my keychain so that I can snap my houskey and front-door fob off it and tuck those in a nook of the armband while I run, so the primary function of the pack, to carry my shit, no longer applies. I may still bring the pack to official 5Ks, because you get swag and such, but now I know I can run with just an armband. My shoulders feel a little looser too, which is nice. 

Tracking: since June 15th, I have run 96.6 miles. 

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Mon, Aug 29th, 2016 -- 10:34 pm
Today's Specials:I put an offer in on the two-bedroom I just looked at.

I put an offer in on the two-bedroom I just looked at. It’s not perfect, it’s not my dream place, but I could see myself there and I could see myself fixing everything wrong with it. (It’s all cosmetic, it’s just old fixtures and ugly carpets.) Big master bedroom, walk-in closet, lots of windows. 

The offer is low. It’s realistically what I can afford and the unit isn’t SO nice that I’m willing to pay more than I can afford for it. But I’m aware that it’s ridiculously low. We’ll see if they take it, and if they do I will definitely know it is haunted. 

I won’t be heartbroken if I don’t get it, but wish me luck anyway. I’m ready for this damn hunt to END. 

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Sam's Journal
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A Small Town Story
Charitable Getting:
A Novel Deduction
The Dead Isle:
A Steampunk Adventure
Dr. King's Lucky Book:
An Almanac Gone Mad
A Story Of Magic
Make no little plans. They have no magic to stir men's blood and probably themselves will not be realized. Make big plans; aim high in hope and work, remembering that a noble, logical diagram once recorded will never die, but long after we are gone will be a living thing, asserting itself with ever-growing insistency. Remember that our sons and grandsons are going to do things that would stagger us. Let your watchword be order and your beacon beauty. Think big.
-- Daniel Burnham

The Egotists' Club is one of the most genial places in London. It is a place to which you may go when you want to tell that odd dream you had last night, or to announce what a good dentist you have discovered. You must not mention golf or fish, however...as Lord Peter Wimsey said when the matter was mooted the other day in the smoking-room, those are things you can talk about anywhere.
-- Dorothy Sayers, The Man With The Copper Fingers

"I like living. I have sometimes been wildly, despairingly, acutely miserable, racked with sorrow, but through it all, I know that just to be alive is a grand thing."
-- Agatha Christie

The line between actually very serious and actually very funny is actually very thin.
-- Anon

All over Hollywood, they are continually advising me 'Oh, you mustn't say that. That will get you in a lot of trouble' when I remark that some picture or writer or director or producer is no good. I don't get it. If he isn't any good, why can't you say so? If more people would mention it, pretty soon it might start having some effect.
-- Humphrey Bogart

"At times one remains faithful to a cause only because its opponents do not cease to be insipid."
-— Friedrich Nietzsche

Abby: Is that a guess, or do you actually know where I'm going with this?
Gibbs: What do you think?
Abby: Well, I don't know. That's why I ask you.
Gibbs: Why don't you just tell me?
Abby: So, you don't know!
Gibbs: I want to make sure you know.
Abby: Hmm.
Gibbs: Hmm.
Abby: We should play poker sometime.
Gibbs: Yeah we should!
-- NCIS 1.14, "The Good Samaritan"

I am as idle as idle can be: one of the causes you have hit on, viz irresolution, the other being made fully aware that my noddle is not capacious enough to retain or comprehend Mathematics. Beetle hunting & such things I grieve to say is my proper sphere.
-- Charles Darwin

The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes.
-- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, The Hound Of The Baskervilles

Can I read books? Yes. Have I visited every star in the universe? No.
-- Stephen Fry

'I'm sure we can pull together, sir.'
Lord Vetinari raised his eyebrows. 'Oh, I do hope not, I really do hope not. Pulling together is the aim of despotism and tyranny. Free men pull in all kinds of directions.'
-- Terry Pratchett, The Truth

Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe.
-- HG Wells

If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay home. You are like a pebble thrown into water; you become wet on the surface, but are never part of the water.
-- James Michener

It always seemed to me that those who claim to know that others are going to hell must already be very familiar with the way to get there.
--Mark Landers

I come in peace, I depart in gratitude.
-- Garrison Keillor

Information is the currency of democracy.
-- Thomas Jefferson

Up to the age of 40, I don't think there was a science-fiction book I hadn't read. I love them because they're a marvelous way — and a safe way, I might add — of saying nasty things about our own society.
-- Sydney Newman

You must believe in it and play it for real. If you don't do that how can you expect anyone else to?
-- Verity Lambert

You need more than a key to get into my ship. You need knowledge.
-- The Doctor

Maintaining integrity as a private detective is difficult; to preserve it for the hundred thousand words of a book would be impossible for me, as it has been for so many others. Nothing corrupts a man so deeply as writing a book; the myriad temptations are overpowering.
-- Rex Stout, The Mother Hunt

Chicago is not the most corrupt American city. It's the most theatrically corrupt.
-- Studs Terkel

I feel good when I am doing it and better than when I am not.
-- John Steinbeck, in response to the question "Why do you write?"

I dunno, this is a really hard job, I gotta come up with five opinions a week.
-- Cheers