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Pulling The Puzzles Apart

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Nobody said it was easy
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Many things that I would not care to tell any individual man I tell to the public, and for knowledge of my most secret thoughts, I refer my most loyal friends to a bookseller's stall. -- Michel de Montaigne

I write fanfic and fiction and am terrible about replying to emails. You can find my original novels Nameless, Charitable Getting, and Trace, and my college guide Other People Can Smell You at my professional writing website. You can find my fanfic at The Storyteller Archive and my original fiction in-progress at theoriginalsam.

rowanberries: Sam, you are walking fanfic.
Anon: Warnings: WIP (30+ Chapters, no end in sight; Episodic/picaresque); NC17: Langauge (Prophanity, Frequent Polysylabic Words, Multilingual interjections, Oxford Commas), Unusual Sexual Situations (consuming/writing erotica; ambiguously gay duo; unrequited!Het!Crush); Violence (Frequent injuries more or less bloody; frequent graphic descriptions of bone and penile fractures). Not a good source of Vitamin D, may contain traces of nuts, sushi.

I live in Chicago, and spend a lot of time at my former flat with my former roommate R, a local blues musician and Wheel of Fortune master. We make our own fun.

On October first, 2008, my journal was hacked and all my entries for the five years previous were deleted. I've managed to resurrect about 80%, but the comments are gone forever. If you stumble across an old entry, that's why none of them have comments.

metalnurse: Since when do you use tags?
annemjw: Since the hack. His is to be the most organised journal in the history of the world!
lorena_bee: No. One cannot organize Sam's reality. One can only index and cross-reference it.

He is a most implacable, determined, tenacious, intolerant person who by mere force of character presents himself as -- and indeed actually is -- considerate, gentle, explanatory, even mild and apologetic, capable possibly of murder, but not of cruelty or coarseness.
-- Bernard Shaw, Major Barbara

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