Nobody said it was easy (copperbadge) wrote,
Nobody said it was easy

Today was intense. I don't know what happened. Tuesdays aren't usually hell on earth.

I think it's getting better, though. The climax came when R and I spent forty minutes ripping each other's heads off over textmessage and then I said "Hey, I'm fucking cranky, and I'm being a dick, I'm sorry" and he said "I'm fucking crankier, I had to file my taxes today, and I'm sorry too" and then we agreed to be patient with each other.

We have the sort of friendship where if we don't end up being best man at each others' weddings, one of us is going to prison for murdering the other one.

(The argument was about the fact that we were going to make meatloaf tonight, and then he said "I'm going to be back no earlier than 7, start the meatloaf without me" and I said to myself, so you want me to come to your home and cook for you after working for eight hours? We compromised, because he did have to spend all weekend with his mother -- I'm making spaghetti, which is easier and I like more, and he's paying for the food and feeling very guilty, AS WELL HE SHOULD.)

Amazon Fail is wrapping up in one way -- the books are getting relisted, Amazon has said they're sorry (albeit without actually saying "WE'RE SORRY") and they probably won't say anything more.


In another way it's just starting, and here are some links to prove it. They're tied up with Extribulum, because it is always on my mind.

One: Amazon dickery goes back a lot further than I thought, and it took this whole mess for me to realise that I was shopping at Literary Walmart. I shouldn't have to say that Extribulum is, or will be when it gets off the ground, LGBTQI friendly (we'll get to Amazon and whether or not it is in a second). What EP's mission statement does say, and in a way more than anything what Amazon pointed up, is that publishing and bookselling right now is about sellers and buyers, and I want the concept of Extribulum as a word to be about writers and readers.

When did I become an idealist? Half of me is laughing at the other half, constantly. Maybe this is why I don't sleep well anymore.

Two: There are many good reasons to assume that Amazon has lost my business for good. What this means for Extribulum I'm not sure. Amazon is a major outlet -- I believe that first link up above says that if Amazon doesn't sell you, you've lost 47% of your sales -- and it has things in place for selfpublishers that others may not. I'm investigating Powell's right now, and would welcome links to other booksellers who work with self-publishers.

Three: From this post via rm: it is always the GLBTQ books, the queer books, the non-normative books that get caught in the glitches, the ham-fisted errors.

Which nicely concords with a sentiment I expressed in comments:

Legit it may be, excusable it is not. What tag, exactly, was Amazon giving to these books that marked them out to be deranked? Because I can think of some people who might group kink, erotica, gay history, gay lit, feminist history, and sexual health into a single category that doesn't include straight porn, and those are not people I would care to know.

And appended to Three: Two friends of mine were forced to fill out a fake joint tax return today in order to get certain numbers for the individual tax returns they had to file, because they're Domestic Partners in California and not (can't be) married. If they were married, they would have saved three thousand dollars in taxes this year.

Separate is never equal. Shit, why is this so much harder for people to understand in the 21st century than it was in the goddamn nineteen-sixties? Nobody should have to pay a three thousand dollar gay fee to the government.

The bright shining star of today is that the aesthetic edits on Nameless are done, which means tomorrow I put it through to Lulu and find out the dimensions of my cover. One step closer to print!
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