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Good morning guys! Welcome to this week's Radio Free Monday.

Top of the list this week is a link passed on to me by many people. crabby_lioness has posted a detailed account of her recent harassment by both neighbors and law-enforcement officials in her area, who appear to be attempting to force her out of her home. I've had word she's looking for advice and possibly assistance in finding new housing, but right now I think it's mostly just important that the word get out. Please have a look and post a link, if you can.

insixeighttime has a call for help out, not for financial support but just for stories from and about people struggling with depression and eating disorders. She's mentoring a college student who is suffering from depression manifesting as food restriction issues, who has had to drop out of school due to her health and mental state. This is a young woman who is seriously struggling with very few resources, and could really use to hear that she's not alone. Links to resources for help are also greatly appreciated.

sola is participating in a Videogame-a-Thon for children's hospitals and looking for sponsors. And hey, if playing video games for 24 hours straight sounds like something that would interest you (or, you know, your usual Saturday), you can check out the event here.

svalar_unnir pointed me over the past week to the Make It Better Project, spurred by the It Gets Better project. At the time I coded this on Sunday the site was down, but you can read more about it here if it's still down when this is posted.

Relatedly, drgaellon linked me to FCKH8, and their fantastic and profanity laced video about gay marriage (seriously NSFW). FCKH8 sells a variety of merch supporting the fight against Proposition 8 and is a great way, as we discussed last week, to be Visibly Queer Friendly.

Last week I mentioned a cafe member who was having trouble with her truck and needed help purchasing a new car. She's been selling items on ebay, but unfortunately this week -- for reals, someone up there has it in for her -- one of her trees lost a branch, which fell and damaged a neighbor's house, and she's had to foot the bill. She's not asking for donations; she'd just like people to be aware that she's still selling handmade jewelery, fannish merch, gemstones, and other items on her ebay.

taerowyn, off my link to Strowlercon last week, mentioned that The Handsome Little Devils, vaudeville/circus/theatrical performers extraordinaire, are raising funds to perform at New Victory Theatre, which is a big break for them. Their goal is $4,000, and they're only $190 shy at this point wot. If nothing else, check out their youtube for some awesome clips!

I posted some links to Texas dachshund rescues last week; check out more cute weiners at the Midwest Dachshund Rescue, serving the Chicagoland area. (thanks norabombay!)


This has been Radio Free Monday. Thanks for your time, guys :) Remember that if you have a link or a request for RFM, you're always welcome to comment here or in any post, or you can email me at copperbadge at
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