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Nobody said it was easy

BTW I am watching Avengers. I am an hour in and can't not be sarcastic yet admiring about it anymore.

SPOILERS behind the cut!

I do feel a little misled, but only because I was given to believe that Loki was the villain of this film, and apparently it's Hawkeye. I'm not complaining, just amused that the Big Bad has basically wandered around Germany with bad hair, while HAWKEYE THE SUPERHERO did the actual facts villaining.

Also, there were a lot of meetings in the first hour of the film. It was like, boom explosions! And then eternal briefings. It's nice to see Joss Whedon has the same issues with pacing that I do, where if you can't figure out how to get to the scene you want to write, you just make people talk till it gets there. Not that I'm especially critical because:

OKAY GUYS LET'S TALK ABOUT BRUCE FUCKING BANNER. The most boring character in the comic books (downright unlikeable in Ultimates, not that anyone's likeable in Ultimates, but even the other Ultimates think he's a dipshit) is somehow nerd-owning this movie. He is possibly the best part of this film so far and that's not easy for me to say because Tony Stark is in the first hour of the film and I love me some Iron Man. Tony is great, he gets some great scenes, but I just want to lock him and Bruce in a room and watch them make LOLs. (Also wtf is up with Tony's art deco goatee? Why does his facial hair have wings? It looks like he needs a T-square to shave in the mornings.)

LET'S ALSO TALK ABOUT the glorious scene where Natasha interrogates Loki by fake-crying at him. Oh my god, Natasha. I don't actually even know how to talk about how great she was.

I keep waiting for the scene I heard would happen where Steve Rogers runs around New York discovering things. Was it cut, maybe? Was it a cruel lie? I don't actually like Joss Whedon much (see my "Oh my god, the Reavers are supposed to be the Indians" Firefly reaction) so I wouldn't put it past him.

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