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I've spent much of today bent over a pair of binders, each jammed full of trading cards in plastic sleeves. IT IS ABSURD, but it's also actually really fun. We have about a thousand Marvel Comics trading cards from between 1990 and 1996, though we managed to miss most of the really valuable ones. Still, some are worth a few bucks and others just look cool, so I'm taking about ten pages back with me and Mum's shipping the rest, and my job is to turn a large pile of trading cards into a small pile of cash.

You can really tell what was popular in the 90s, and perhaps too what was popular with us. The X-Men and Spider-man both had many different runs dedicated to them, so we have like a jillion cards showing Cyclops, including the one where he's dressed as Elvis. We have a full set of Spider-man 30th Anniversary cards (except, again, the actual valuable ones, which were add-in extras). So many Wolverines. So many.

The cards I'm carrying back with me are a combination of those I suspect are the most valuable and those that I want to keep, predonimantly Captain America cards (because LOL). I went through all one thousand cards looking for characters I'd like to keep, and you guys, in a thousand cards we did not have one single Hawkeye.

Though I did find a hilarious one of Black Widow rescuing a baby.
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