Nobody said it was easy (copperbadge) wrote,
Nobody said it was easy

Hey LJ users, news is breaking...

An individual on LJ has been IP blocked from LJ for posting "gay content" (slash fanfic).

There's not a lot of detail out there yet, including the nature of the "gay content" (LJ has gone after fic containing underagers or percieved underagers before) and whether this is because the content was flagged to LJ's attention or because LJ, being a Russian property, has now begun to enforce Russian anti-homosexuality laws. This is also an isolated incident at present, though that may not remain the case.

ETA: I'm being told the individual in question is an anti-Russian, anti-LJ troll who may have been banned for other things. I can't confirm or disprove this but the rest of my post stands, I think.

This is probably going to break large soon if it hasn't already, and while I do think it's attention-worthy I also want to remind people to stay sane and stay kind. I'm seeing a lot of ugly anti-Russian sentiment; it's one thing to condemn the unjust laws of a government, another to condemn or pick fights with people who happen to live there. Don't be a jerk. LJ has a long history of shoving its head up its ass when it was an American property; this isn't new news.

I do recommend that if you have a LiveJournal account you back it up; IP bans can lead to deletions, as we've seen before during Strikethrough. Information on how to back up your journal is here. I'd recommend archiving or saving off any kinkmeme stories you wrote or particularly love. I also recommend that if you use LJ as a fic archive, you back it up (or move it wholesale, as I did) to Dreamwidth or AO3. I know many of you have issues with the owners or committees involved with DW and AO3, but as far as I'm aware neither of those sites have engaged in institutionalised persecution of homosexuals or mass deletions at the behest of religious fundamentalists, so even if you don't like them they are the lesser of two evils.

Speaking as someone who survived Blackout, two Strikethroughs, and Amazon Fail, the best thing you can do is keep your heads and lol at anyone who isn't.
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